Kategorie: Archives of the Republic of Slovenia in Ljubljana

The Archives of the Republic of Slovenia (»the Archives«) is situated in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. Its headquarters are located at Gruber Palace, the construction of which was begun in 1773 by the Jesuit Gabriel Gruber, who also designed a well-known drainage canal to draw off flood waters from the Ljubljana Marshlands. The Palace was originally intended to house the School of Hydraulics and Mechanics. From 1809 to 1813, during the period of the Illyrian Provinces, a new southern wing was built, destroying the baroque symmetry of the facade. In the second half of the 19th century, Virant House on the northern side and the south-eastern wing were added; the latter was completely renovated in the 1970s, creating a triangular courtyard. Links: http://www.arhiv.gov.si/en/


Digitization of older archival material in the Archives of the Republic of Slovenia

A Report about Digitzation-Projects at the Archives of the Republic of Slovenia Vortrag von Vanja Pfajfar vom 15. Februar 2016 Die geplante Digitalisierung von Beständen im Archiv RS dauert schon 15 Jahre. In diesem...

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