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Beim ICARUS-Meeting „Archival cooperation and community building in the Digital Age“

27.-29. April 2015, in der Erzabteil des Klosters Břevnov, Prag CZ, wurde auf der Generalversammlung am 27. April, 9:00, das Blog

„En route to a shared Identity. Sources on the history of Central Europe in the Digital Age“ vorgestellt.

– The Blog unites examples of common sources on the history of Central Europe. In the different categories of the Blog you can read articles about famous source materials, charter stocks and treasuries in famous archives of Central Europe and about other sources from the Middle Ages to modern times History. The authors are all involved in topics of Central European History.

The articles are mostly written in German language, some also in Czech or in English. – It can be found for example an article about the Collection “Historica Třeboň”, what means the collections in the archive of the Rosenbergs, and another one about the “Archivum Coroniae Bohemiae” (Archiv České koruny) – the treasuries of the charters and collections in the archive of the old Czech state. It consists of documents which were intended both representatives and holders of state power, the Kings of Bohemia and later also the Bohemian Estates.

These scientific articles written in German are useful for the future users of digitized primary sources in their historical studies on Bohemian and trans-regional history of Central Europe.

Furthermore papers and essays to special themes of the trans-regional history of the dioceses of Passau and Freising can be found in the Blog and important informations about the Cadastral Heritage of the Habsburg Empire, Matricula Books, Storage and Preservation of documents and much more. – The topic for the framework – Regional History and Identity – how boundaries can be overcome – offers many opportunities for further articles about sources, events and developments, culture development and mentalities in the Common History of Central Europe – and not at least to think about added value in Digital Humanities to sciences and the use of sources after Digitisation.

Titelfoto: Christina Eggeling


Univ.-Doz. Dr. Adelheid Krah ist Senior Lecturer am Institut für Geschichte der Universität Wien; sie forscht und lehrt als habilitierte Universitätsdozentin, SL, in den Bereichen Mittelalterliche Geschichte, eLearning, Geschichte Mittel/Zentraleuropas und Westeuropas. Sie arbeitete auch als Archivarin am Bayerischen Hauptstaatsarchiv in München, ist Fellow des DHI-Paris und im Vorstand von ICARUS.

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